10 Prophecies for Google’s Project Glass

I could be wrong, but with the limited knowledge I have, I see Project Glass as the largest pendulum shift in technology since the Apple II in 77′, which inaugurated the use of in-home computers by mainstream consumers. These are my predictions for Google’s Project Glass.

1. It will have a larger impact on the world socially and economically than the iPad did, which is difficult to fathom.

2. It will eventually serve as the missing link to autonomous driving and other every-day life functions.

3. It will become the most central piece of technology for humans on the planet.

4. It will eventually lead to a technology that is directed solely through thoughts, leaving the need for glasses and voice navigation behind. This is will cause a great moral debate when released to the consumer market.

5. It will take Google from tens of billions to hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly revenue.

6. It will  dramatically increase both the funding and the quality of Google’s information infrastructure, such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google +, iOS, etc…

7. It will grow scale and use of Google+ that will rival even Facebook.

8. It will spawn copied concepts from every technology company, but nearly all of them will critically lack the infrastructure to actually compete with Google in the smart-glasses market.

9. It will create a major culture shift, changing the fundamental way humans socially interact with each other. Some will believe it will destroy human relationships while others will see it as a quantum leap in human advancement and quality of life.

10. It will integrate with home functions and comprehensive entertainment selections and direction.

The things that Project Glass can and will do are astounding, I can only imagine that the geniuses at Google right now are covering white board after white board with the thousands of integrations and applications that will come about. It’s incredible to me how Google’s platforms build upon each other, as if they were planned from the start. Could Google possibly have known from the start that a video uploading site, youtube, would eventually spawn channel-specific personalities worth millions? Could Google have possibly known that Google Maps would be used for military science, consumers finding businesses and even a platform for autonomous driving?

Either Google directors are geniuses beyond comprehension, or they are incredible at adapting to change and developing on-the-fly, short-term strategies that interweave unlike anything the world has seen before. It’s interesting that Google’s dozens of products dwarf Apple in sheer scale, yet Apple’s decisions to focus on a handful of products like the iPad and iTunes have been more lucrative, as if Apple was the king of tech business and Google was the king of tech innovation. Apple hits its targets more often than Google, for example, Google Buzz, but it doesn’t fire as often. I hope Project Glass is a wild success and Google gets the long overdue, incredible revenue and attention that Apple has received for it’s devices and software.

5 thoughts on “10 Prophecies for Google’s Project Glass

  1. OZ says:

    I think your wrong. Google will come out with the first prototype and itwill have many problems. Then Apple will come out with their version and it will be a smoother and a more funtional piece of software and it will then take Apple to all these above predictions.

  2. totally agree with you travis! even apple and other rivals cannot compete with what google has built already.

  3. Apple depends on Google infrastructure however. If Google decided not to support Apple Smart Glasses with, for example, Google Maps, Apple Smart Glasses would literally be dead in the water. This probably won’t happen, but if Google releases first and gets it right, I think they could take it. Google smart phones have had a lot of glitches and flaws, but I doubt we’ll see much of that as Google moves on, those engineers have a lot of experience under their belts now.

  4. Rob Jepson says:

    Brilliant. If you didn’t notice, every single feature displayed in the video already exists: Voice-activated command, augmented reality, checking in, video conferencing, reminders, real-time map and compass. The only thing project glass does (in terms of function) is make it so you don’t have to pull it out of your pocket.

    That’s what’s so friggin cool about it.

    It’s the same concept used in website navigation optimization. It’s all about reducing the number of steps to do anything.

    So, noting that our only challenge here is to make the technology in a smart phone fit into a smaller case, I’d say it’s crazy to think this can’t happen. I think your predictions are much more in line with reality.

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