What is that makes me obsessed with “Hanging with Friends?”

What exactly is it that the world’s most engaging apps all have in common? There are thousands of teams of development and strategist geeks thinking the exact same thing right now. They all want a piece of the angry birds pie, without copying any themes from the game. They want to understand and possess the knowledge of the human engagement element. Let’s take a look.

Everyday, traditional cell phone communication apps are followed closely by email, gaming and music listening.

Kevin C. Tofel wrote about a study conducted by Zokem.

– Most smartphone users only check their personal schedule on their phone a few times a week.

-Many smartphone users don’t listen to stored music, and even less stream music.

-A few users us LBS’s. The ones that do, use it frequently, the ones the don’t, barely ever.

-Adult entertainment is rarely used on smartphones

-Users check the weather but 7 times a month

Truly understanding how people use their phones is crucial in knowing how to milk to most engagement possible. Tofel admits, “Finding ways to raise engagement, and not just software installations, is the next frontier in mobile applications.” When the app frenzy first launched, developers were satisfied with ten million downloads of their app. Think about how excited you would be if ten million people watched your video on youtube? Here’s the difference, 26 percent of apps were only opened once. You can rest peacefully, your video was viewed far more times than that by the same user, and your video is not (well, not usually) even a game or inherently interactive! The truth is, even the most brilliant minds are still learning what really engages people, and it’s something that only the elite seem to get right. Maybe it’s time for the rise of the liberal arts and psychology majors? You know a computer science major is going to struggle getting in touch with humanity enough to know what engages a non-super-nerd. Understanding the way people, think, feel, and act is truly at the root of this engagement question. He who understands people and population behaviors as a whole is he who can make the next Angry Birds…but only if he has a super-nerd at his side.


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