The Basics of SEO

I call myself an internet marketer, but mostly a content marketing strategist; I usually focus on engagement and quality content more than search. Lately, however, I’m realized I’m missing a large opportunity in getting every dollar out of my content. Nearly every entry/associate level job I apply for, especially as I’m graduating in four days, mentions SEO as one of the most desired skills for applicants to have mastered. So, let’s go over the basics noobs.

According to Lee Odden, SEO used to be much simpler and largely reliant on text. It’s now extended to “include an array of digital asset optimization such as images, audio, video and content delivery formats like RSS and mobile.” Odden suggests laying out plans before executing. First make a list of search items that people will likely search to find your content. Make a content schedule that uses these keywords regularly. Plan on putting the most important keywords and phrases in the upper left corner of your content. Title tags and meta tags are not going to do much by themselves- they need a call to action and be used to really optimize your searches. The 11th commandment is that your keywords should be in all the alt text of images. Last of all for these tips, use tools such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, and ClickTracks to measure how you’re doing. Toy with placements, tinker with phrases and pay attention to how your search ranking changes.


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