You may not have said it, but you know you’ve thought it

“What if I made a viral video?” Well there chico, your probability of truly going viral are worse than getting hit my lightening or dying in a plane crash (always reassuring my wife in planes that she’s more likely to get struck by lightening; seems to work). Is there a science to the madness? Has anyone truly tamed the viral beast?

No. No one has.

No one has developed a clear formula to get a viral video every time. One of my good friends I met in the Czech Republic, Corey Graham, mentioned his brother filmed and posted calculated, produced action sports videos on Like most people that talk about their friend’s youtube channel, I brushed it off. Since then, Devin Graham, or devinsupertramp, has garnered well over 10 million videos. He’s found a niche. He recently partnered with Vooray and launched a few dozen college kids off a giant rap into a lake, driven by a fourwheeler pulley system. The video garnered 2 million hits in 10 days. What was the science? What was the method? I spoke with Devin a month ago about holding a giant food fight in my fraternity house. I indirectly asked him about his technique and the number component to his most viral videos was that they were ideas that had either never been done before, or hadn’t been done aesthetically, strategically; showcasing attractive people.

Devin devours youtube searches hundreds at a time. He searches for opportunities, not to piggyback or copy others’ ideas. There has never been a well-filmed toilet papering of a house. Ok, thousands of houses are toilet-papered on youtube, but how many are toilet papered with 20,000 rolls to the point that the house becomes completely white?


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