Quality Engagement is King

@rocketfuelinc http://bit.ly/rqb6kJ Did you know 80% of clicks are from the same 16% of users? According to this research, memorable engagement and dwell time measures success, not clicks.

It’s more important to spend resources on content and strategy than blasting channels with one-size-fits all messaging. Shouting at your market? No one likes to be told or convinced; matter of fact, only 35% of viewers trust TV advertisements for researching their purchases, whereas 2 out of 3 trust the internet. (AdAge)

If you want people to pay attention to your brand, you must give them something and if you want them to trust, give it to them on the web. Giving your audience a message won’t do. Give them some educational content about the best way to plant their grass, the coolest time waster they’ve ever seen that tells them how web-savvy they are, but don’t just repeatedly shout at them that your grass seed has a special formula and that that your agency knows a lot about the web. I recently helped launch the Web IQ Quiz at http://www.webiqquiz.com which I feel is a good example of providing content while messaging to the audience. While the user works to get their #webcred score, they are learning new things about the web and entertained.

People are getting smarter, they’re understanding rhetoric and connecting ideas quicker than ever before. Some advertisers make the mistake in thinking an ad may be too smart, but people want to be engaged and interact with what they’re passionate about. Every brand needs a story.

Let me know what you thought about the Web IQ Quiz in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Quality Engagement is King

  1. I like your points and feel this is relevant information to anyone measuring success using online marketing. You should make the links and text to the article and quiz you cite hot links so I can easily click out to them.

    Though I don’t like Geifman’s flippant (mis)use of “well-known fallacies” at the beginning, I like the information he provided. I do, however, question the reliability and validity simply because of the flippant beginning. I’d like a more reputable source to establish the points he makes.

    You second paragraph here is lacking context and has me lost. Are you citing? Is it quotations from AdAge? If so, who are they? You need to make this easy for me to follow.

    I like the “every brand needs a story” slogan.

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