6 Examples Why YouTubers/Viners Will Take Over Hollywood in 5 Years

Current YouTube and Vine stars are already megastars on new media platforms, but many are likely to become megastars on traditional platforms within five years. They’re going to demand more attention away from dozens of Hollywood stars, because they will simply offer more value. They likely won’t offer as much in formal, honed acting skills, but will offer far more value in followings and promotion channels that bring the only thing biz Execs truly care about, money. These are some of my first-hand experiences that support this trend: 

1: I’m working on a proposal right now for a main cast member in a major cable show and they are intimidated by social media. I don’t blame them, it’s an extremely competitive space. My job is to help this person to promote their web series. So interesting that talent at the top is making a web-series, eh? A smart move to gain ownership over their audience. 

2: I just went to the premiere of Expendables 3, there were fewer people there than Nash Grier could get in 48 hours with a couple Tweets. That’s Stallone, Statham, Schwarzenegger, Rousey, Banderas, Snipes, Gibson, Ford, Couture, Crews, Ortiz. Caveat though, Grier wouldn’t command the same press presence… and he wouldn’t need it, he’d render them useless with his own photos and selfies! None of this by the way discredits how amazing the top of Statham’s head is. 

stathams head

Jason Statham, Expendables 3 Premiere, Chinese Theater, Los Angeles, Photo Credit, @travis_chambers

3: During my stint working on client 20th Century Fox, Fault in Ours Stars was slated to be minuscule (I didn’t work on the TFIOS title). It did $123MM and cost $12MM to make, was #1 Box Office opening weekend, beating Edge of Tomorrow with TOM CRUISE as the 16th highest grossing title of the year, over 300, Noah, TMNT, Hercules and Monuments Men. Largely because it was written by John Green, YouTuber, co- creator of VidCon. Every teenage girl convinced their moms to take them to see it; there were girls camping out the night before at theaters. Working on Let’s Be Cops, Gone Girl and Kingsman: Secret Service most of our actors had such minuscule social followings that we couldn’t hardly even use them to generate early excitement for the films. Marcus Johns totally could pull of main character Eggsy (Taron Egerton) but also draw insane attention to the film early-on. Taron Egerton currently has… zero followers on Twitter? 

4: Now let’s look at the Top Viners on RankZoo. The Hollywood stars there have a fraction of the loops the true Viners have (Accept Josh Peck, he’s killing it). Purpdrank and Lele Pons have a billion loops, each. Harry Styles, 41MM, Jennette McCurdy, 52MM, Ariana Grande, 42MM loops.

5: Disney recently Bought Maker Studios for $500MM. I’m a member/creator in Maker’s network… so technically, I now belong to Disney (But I’m on creating hiatus with a measly 4k Subs). There are rumors flying everywhere about who will make an offer on Fullscreen and StyleHaul; The Collective and Machinima received foot-in-the-door funding already. The companies acquiring won’t be exactly sure what to do with all the talent they are acquiring, but they certainly understand there’s power in it. 

6: Most traditional celebrities don’t translate to social influence. While at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which is a Top 10 in World Creative Agency with fantastically genius minds, I saw two things:

  1. There were constantly opportunities where the best solution for a creative need was to place it in the hands of an influencer with some guidance. But this didn’t often happen, because it competed with our reason to exist as an agency. In coming years, clients will demand agencies do this. One of the core beliefs that made CP+B wildly successful is that if you build something incredible enough, the distribution won’t matter. People will see it and it will blow up. This worked in the era of Myspace, case in point, Subservient Chicken. There’s too much competition now. I saw too many incredible, scable ideas go virtually unseen with some industry press, a few hundred views, and fade off into someone’s portfolio.
  2. On a Kobe vs. Messi viral video project, Turkish Airlines gave us immense freedom over distribution, in this case, “viral seeding.” We deployed a barrage of tactics but the insight was clear, the megastar celebrities we commissioned to post performed a fraction as well as the YouTubers we commissioned. The video turned out wildly successful with 137 million views in 6 weeks, the most watched ad on YouTube of all time. Just imagine if our creatives would have gone along with the suggestion to feature YouTubers in the video with Kobe and Messi around the world?

5 years.

Hollywood actors that don’t or can’t get engaged social audiences just won’t be as profitable or valuable for studios as YouTubers and Viners will be. 

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VidCon 2013 Industry Day Overview With Notes

This post includes all the notes I took from keynote/panels/breakout sessions today for anyone that couldn’t make it. Today was an incredibly inspirational day! Pardon me for being quick and dirty but it’s late and I have a couple hours more of work before the VidCon wonder begins again tomorrow.

Saw panels and speakers Ryan Holiday from one of my favorite books, Confessions of a Media Manipulator, iJustine, Tim Ferriss of the Four-Hour Work Week (Most inspiring person I heard from today), various Execs from Fullscreen and Maker Studios, John Green of Vlog Brothers, Ze Frank EVP of Buzzfeed, the list goes on and on.
What I found crazy is how top 50 YouTubers were just milling about on the 2nd floor of the Anaheim Conference Center, many with just a few people waiting around awkwardly to talk with them. When they got down the escalator to the non-eclusive zone of course they were swarmed by fangirls and boys.
Today I met personally (considering chatting for at least a few minutes) a whole slew of Tubers like Jesse and Jeana of PVP/BFvsGF, Tae Zonday, Eddie King and Tyler Marshall of Teddie Films, Peter Hollens, Phil DeFranco, Rafi and Benny Fine of the Fine Bros, Max Weisz of Max No Sleeves, Mindy McKnight and her husband of CuteGirlsHairStyles, cult-movie star Will Keenan, Eppic, Kevin Khandjian founder of District Lines, Brett Roberts of kid history, Jack Conte founder of Patreon and Chris Crawford CEO of Loudr, a pledged-based music distribution platform which just launched and I think will be huge. Patreon will be huge as well.
So now that I’m done with the name dropping semi-creepiness, let’s get to what you really want, the notes from the conference. It’s choppy and dirty, but a great, quick overview of the whole Aug 1st, Thursday, Industry Day of VidCon 2013:
Vlog Brothers John Green
Subbable, Patreon
Believes that advertising is not what will sustain content creators but communities that know what they want and pledge what they can.
Nick Tran- Social Lead at Taco Bell
Everyone can remember their first kiss, where it happened, who it was, but no one can remember their first visit to Taco Bell. It was something new.
Celebrating Creativity
Work with YouTubers
Taco Bell fans love music, nothing goes better with music than late night and Taco Bell. Let’s feed bands on tour- started 7 years ago.
Tyler, YouTuber, started making videos in 2007, moved to LA in January. Got in touch with Taco Bell through Twitter. Taco Bell had contest for Twitter corresponder, Tyler won to live Tweet at the VMA’s. Taco Bell sent him to SXSW with no strings attached. Created an experience that he wanted to genuinely share. “Shipping” is pairing up people, encouraging them to have a relationship. #OTP- One true pair. Relationships with YouTubers should be a genuine relationship, a true friendship. Girl Tweeted about Taco Bell, they sent a guy in a chicken suit to deliver what she Tweeted about.
“We are that friend you found on your own, a friendship we discovered together.”
CEO of Fullscreen- George Strompolos (Founded YouTube Partner Program) @gstrompolos
PXL2000- Toy camcorder- recorded video to cassette tape
A new creative class
Spent 5.5 years at Google- Was really tough to leave, wanted to help nurture creative class. Founded Fullscreen in 2011. 180 employees. There are 30 MCN’s on YouTube today.
-Audience Development
-Ad Sales sponsorships
-Cross-promo and collabs
-Technology tools and services
-Production services
-Project Financing
Half the world’s internet users use YouTube every month
Soon we’ll be measuring views on a global basis, global views is going to dramatically increase like PSY who transcended countries.
Academy Awards- 40MM views
MrEpicMann’s How Animals Eat their Food- 60MM views -60% of views are non-US, 30-day increase in views-12,000%, 30 day subscriber increase- 8,200%- 2.5MM new subscribers in 2 months
Producers say “That’s great and funny, but that’s not premium content.” I say, if I tasked you with creating a segment like this, one video that would get you a distribution base of 2.5MM people in two months, could you make it happen?
A lot of times people don’t understand what Fullscreen is- the shorthand way to explain it is that we are an MTV, we are a Viacom.
Adding $2MM to Creator Fund
Gorilla Tool
First company to launch an app on Google Glass, video uploader
Tonight- Summer Upload Concert
Partnered with music studios to cover and appropriate revenue to artists
Panel- iJustine, TheFineBros, Transmedia, Collective- What is transmedia?
Megan Westerby- VP of Marketing, Collective Digital Studio
Panel: Justine Ezarik, iJustine; The Fine Brothers, Writers/Directors, MyMusic; Fred Seibert, CEO, Frederator Networks; Jay Bushman, Transmedia Producer/Writer & Co-Creator/Co-Showrunner, “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” & “Welcome to Sanditon”
Everyone defines the word differently.
“Telling stories over multiple platforms.”
“You’ve got to create Disney Land for your show, when you’re scripting you have to also write how you are going to interact with every single person interacting with the show.” -Benny Fine-
“The interns understand and can write better content than the older people because they have a sixth sense of it, growing up with it they know it so well.”
“When I shoot videos with AOL, seeing budgets, I’m like I could have made 50 videos in time it took you to set lighting –iJustine-
We seeded ways to interact out there unprovoked fans sent in fan art now we have a whole segment dedicated to it.
“Our lawyers always want to stop our fans from doing everything”
iJustine, Jay Bushman, The Fine Bros are sick on Facebook, angry about loss of reach, difficulty pulling video thumbnails, iJustine loves Instagram.
Fred Seibert- I think Howard Stern is one of the best examples of transmedia with traditional, like talk radio, building a whole media empire around his personality, fact mixed with fiction he creates
Rafi Fine- HomeStar runner incredible transmedia
Megan- Would you ever do something with a big budget without using YouTube?
The Fine Bros- No, you should find a way to include video iJustine- No, even if you don’t put it on YouTube someone is going to rip it and put it there anyway
Jay- Transmedia is bigger than just YouTube
Fine Bros have had to play between TheFineBros and just FineBros which has been tough but it’s worked ok
Branded Content Part 1: Big Brand Deals
Alison Walker, Marketing Programs Manager, YouTube
The advertising industry has changed, making branded content more important than ever. Join us as we discuss the state of the industry, including what advertisers are looking for in 2013, how benefits to creators have evolved, and the many types of programs that exist. We’ll also lift up the hood to take an in-depth look at one of our largest branded content programs during a Q&A with StyleHaul.
Branded content began in the 1930’s
“More marketers than ever realize that as the 30 second spot loses its power, content and experiences become more important communications tools.” Cannes Judge
64% of marketers think branded content is more valuable than traditional ads
3 types of branded content- sponsor – storyteller- story
CuteGirlsHairStyles- A channel sponsored by Subaru- “For Mom”

Disruptive Marketing
Brandon Yen- Fullscreen VP Brand Strategy
Tim Ferris- 4 hour workweek, 4 hour chef, 4 hour workout- blogs experience lifestyle design
Ryan Holiday- Director Marketing- American Apparel- Agency for controversial brands- Helps brands make themselves newsworthy
Brandon Yen- Started with Smosh- first video got 2.5MM views- 2nd most viral ad in 2011
Tim- Actually hates writing- turned down by 26 publishers, only 12k copies before his blog, found out that radio and blogs sell books
Ryan Holiday- Started working with Tucker Max- Blogger about his rough lifestyle- marketed his book on $7,500- interned at The Collective, accidentally signed Collective’s first YouTube talent
Tim Ferris- The best way to make it in tech is in-person meetings because it’s the least common communication. At SXSW he repeatedly asked questions hey who should I meet this is the kind of stuff I’m into, don’t collect business cards, no one will remember you that way. Would wait until they asked him who he was, all would say is I’m writing a book, then wait for them to ask for more. Then soft sale, could I send you a short little segment to see what you think? Making truly deep relationships with a few key people is much better than getting out 50 business cards and meeting a lot of people. Don’t get loved for something you’re not, thin the herd, “planet-earth style,” you do not have to fake, if you have a small and extremely loyal audience they can sustain you forever, you don’t need a big following, so it’s more about finding out who you are than finding more audience.
Ryan- Your real success is always doing something that you didn’t think anyone cared about but that you really loved. Those are the posts that do well, the ones you didn’t think would. Things that you think are going to be really big might not be because you’re thinking about it too objectively. The ideas you get and love in the shower are the ones you should pursue.
Tim Ferris- Passion is necessary but not sufficient- 22 immutable laws of marketing- synopsis on Wikipedia (old version) talks about light years and airlines, if you’re trying to emulate the top 50 videos you are competing with a ton of people that are also trying to emulate them, so draw from completely different sources. When he realized his book he was looking only for men in their 20’s in San Francisco and New York.
Ryan- The world is not an Ameritocracy there are tons of great things that go into obscurity every day.
Brandon- Identify target, identify the influencers, get them involved whatever it takes- Create the perception that it’s going to be a movement, if someone sees it on a few websites they read every day they’ll talk about it.
Ryan- Controversy is something that provokes a reaction Contagious (Jonah Bridger, studied 7k articles most emailed list) Length of stay time depends on how angry the reader is. Provocation is what gets people sharing something. Think about all the ads that you see that you don’t remember. It doesn’t matter, it’s all about getting a reaction so they’ll talk about. Target who will like it, also target who will hate it- sometimes your opponents can be your larger sharers ever. You get a young man to go watch something by having a young woman telling him not to watch it.
Tim- Sometimes it’s good that you do the complete opposite, in 2007 people thought blogs were dead so I did my whole launch on blogs, now on Best Seller for 7 years. It’s not just about views, that’s just a means to end. Blog content is evergreen, it lives on, unlike TV.
iJustine- SoSoHappy- 10% go to charity, had her fans design it, people that she doesn’t even know were wearing it
Brandon- In 2006 he emailed these kids, video got 2.5MM views, I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t stepped outside the box a bit.
Tim- 4 Hour Chef- Published through Amazon, first ever, got boycotted by Barnes and Noble, etc… So I worked with BitTorrent, captured all the moments like making late night deadlines. Want to make this the BitTorrent best seller. My click-through on BitTorrent for ‘support the author’ was 60%! Holy @#$* It’s a mental shift for people to grasp
How do you get in touch with hard to reach people?
Tim- Don’t reach out to people that are in the Limelight- Don’t reach out to Michael Phelps, reach out to someone that was Olympian 10 years ago. Don’t appeal to self-interest and mercy for famous people, you have to do something that will benefit them. Pay people for a Skype interview. Do Q&A for publications.
Ryan- Tucker- “I’ve paid so many girls to get abortions that they should name a planned parenthood clinic after me” He offered $250k, Planned Parenthood said no, that got them in the media everywhere, then PETA reached out for the money for a “fix your bitches” clinic. When you do something that pisses people off that’s what happens. You have to do something that is so crazy that it’s something that people can’t not talk about. You can’t make it something and hand it to a marketing person to push it out, marketing is a fluid action that has to take place from the very beginning of the thing. That’s not something you’re going to throw into a press release, pay someone $300 for and watch it
iJustine- Sometimes you’ll put a ton of effort into something no one will like, sometime you’ll put little effort into something someone likes
Tim- Look at principles, not technique, books like Hoopla, the principles of getting attention. You have to know what your target is. Define what success means. It’s a ranked list to get to top ten on NY Bestseller, so I’ll look for the slowest point, which day has the least traffic, how much do I need to get Sunday to Sunday, no one wants to talk about your book but people do want to talk about the stories, you as a person, SELL AROUND THE PRODUCT.
Do the opposite of everyone else whenever possible.

Google breakout notes (From iPhone)


Arcade Fire unstaged- American Express

Land Rover – Peter Regial – YouTube.com/landroverusa

Brand as story not for everyone
Established brands
Commit to ongoing presence
Distinct voice
Let creative lead

Content marketing industry- $40B

Stylehaul CEO Stephanie Gorbachev
Largest original content in fashion and beauty space
180% larger than AOL
Runaway is 6 months ahead- saw camo there now it’s here

Choosing the right projects- choosing the right channel, right thing to do.

Create a lean back watch environment
Taryn Southern
Custom new channel design
Showcase content library

Regular viewer to top fan
Types of videos- contest winner, Q&A, hit like button,
Comment question
Subscribe CTA

New feature called top fans
Can find out their interests, other subscribes
Will work with Google+ circles

When is watch time considered terrible? Depends on video length


Ze Frank EVP Buzzfeed- Keynote
Only 10% of views come from subscribers so its all about sharing, activating super fans or designing with the share in mind

Why do people share facts so much?
Awesome science
Life hacks
True facts

Freddie Wong raised $800k on kick starter

Google launching YouTube classroom

Pepsi, Procter and gamble, Phillips, GE are  invited to YouTube university at headquarters lessening how to be creators just like youtubers.

YouTube increased subscriptions by 4X since last year

Changed from chronological feed to get more of the casual subscribers

Now remind people everywhere they go that they subscribed

New system for home page called ‘crank’- subscription raises channel ranking, reminds casual subscriber.

Top Fans- can engage with top fans that was previously not possible
YouTube.com/audience for those with 5,000 subscribers or more

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What’s My Calling in Life?

Recently I’ve an intensified deep, long, introspective look, a flame in the wind, sometimes raging, sometimes a few sparks, but always there, always burning. While in the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity I was taught that balance is the key to a happy, fulfilling life. The balance thing doesn’t work for me (doesn’t for Mark Zuckerberg’s sis either). It seems balance is an unachievable, utopian goal forever out of reach. Balance is a proliferation of the exact problem I have wrestled with my whole life- being good at many things, great at nothing. Balance sucks! Honestly, greatness doesn’t even matter, what matters is giving your whole self to a few, select things that truly make you happy, it’s not about being the best, it’s just about the pureness of doing what you love, having natural talent for it is just a plus. 

The worst thing of all? When you have a pretty fricken’ amazing life and that insatiable itch is still there. Incredible marriage, great job, great place to live, great health, great relationship with God, great friends and family, it’s all incredible! I am so grateful! But there’s something missing and it’s not going away. I was told the wrong thing growing up. The wrong recipe. The right advice would have been find what you love, hyper-specialize and go crazy, not do what is logical, reliable, secure, safe. Safe is fricken death. Pursing safety, once again, is impossible. If safety and security was the key to happiness all of us would be miserable pursuing the impossible. 

I have no problem taking risks. I have no problem putting all my resources and energy into something, I don’t fear failure, but one thing that just kills me is not knowing what the hell it is! I’m going to eventually find it and when I do, oh baby, it is on.








Why Apple Making TV’s is a Great Idea

We all know that most electronics segments suffer from a horribly destructive disease called low profit margins. It’s great for us, the consumers because we see through the hype, the 100 million dollars marketing budgets telling us why certain electronics really are worth spending a premium, which at the end of the day is really just an expanded profit margin for the manufacturer.

Apple TV

A Stretched iMac, um… yay I guess?

But there is an exception to this re-occurring theme in the electronics world, the Micheal Phelps, the Lance Armstrong, the Prefontaine, the freak of nature that somehow obliterated every expectation that exists in the respective consumer electronics world.

Apple, as I mentioned in my blog post previous to this one, averages roughly 50% profit margins on its product line. Incredible. As us consumers slowly grow accustomed to the sleek, clean, minimalist 21st century design of Apple products we will simultaneously take them for granted, we’ll feel entitled to that quality and design and inversely as such, decrease our valuation of Apple’s devices. While we were holding our breaths for Apple to reinvent themselves… we got the iPhone 5. We’re all aware of the the Jimmy Kimmel genius, the memes associated with how lackluster the iPhone 5 was and remember how much we made fun of people that waited overnight on the streets for it’s release. Bafoons.

Apple TV’s. The secret sauce is in the software. Google and Samsung are players, Samsung ridiculously lacks the audience, Google has the fastest growing audience interacting with its interface. Apple has iTunes and iTunes will never die but this is what I think is going to happen.

The same exact thing that has happened with Apple in cell phones and computers. Apple’s TV will be the most expensive, it will be the sexiest (even if it’s not), it well sell well and Apple will be the first player in the television device market to make large profit margins. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, these companies don’t really make significant profits on televisions, when the flat screen technology came out it become one of the most saturated, inundated, over-competitive markets in the history of technology. For years now brands have been competing in the television device market with flat profit margins for advertising purposes, to compliment other products, please their loyalists.

Apple’s getting into your living room and you’re going to gladly pay that 30%+ plus profit margin while Google eats the flat profit margin, does satisfactorily in software and web product sales as as a result and Samsung eats everyone’s dust, just managing to stay on their heals in production like a red headed step child.

I just hope the aesthetics of the Apple TV is not hopelessly identical to all of their other devices, but I have a sinking feeling it will end up looking exactly like an oversized, clumsy iMac that manages to maintain elegance and prestige…. and maybe some ridiculous overnight lines outside of stores.

Read far more expert commentary on this topic at http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10001424127887323981504578174532274021230-lMyQjAxMTAyMDEwMjExNDIyWj.html


Building a $3k Video Editing Optimized Computer for $1k

Let’s be honest, computers are really affordable these days. Purchase a 5D Mark III and a quality lens and you’ve already out-spent your computer/workstation budget. I have found a way to make buying a new video editing workstation much cheaper by having my friend David Germany (@Davgerm4) build me one. Apple makes a higher profit margin on their devices than any other device manufacturer but the components do not compensate for it.

PC’s are a much more cost-effective route for editing video and let’s face it, most of us are over the Apple craze. Sexy came and sexy went but at the end of the day components are components and the OS X operating system can run on any system, so let’s just break the system with this recipe for a very powerful video editing workstation for under $1,200. Please leave your suggestions, biased opinions and tactful geek hate in the comments below, I’m sure there are shortcomings in this list and I genuinely would like to know what they are. We went toe to toe on web prices and settled on purchasing through Amazon and Newegg. I bit the $79 bullet and got Amazon Prime, the video streaming perks are awesome, let’s face it, we’re all over Netflix too, it takes about 6 months on Netflix  to see everything you’re interested in… twice…

From Newegg.com

1 x ($124.99) Seasonic SS-560KM Active PFC F3, 560W ATX12V V2.3/EPS 12V V2.91, 80Plus Gold Certified, Modular Power Supply

1 x ($124.99) GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

$41.98 “Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory (CML8GX3M2A1600C9)

$35.99 “TP-Link Wireless N Dual Band PCI Express Adapter with 3 x 2dBi Antenna (TL-WDN4800)

$289.99 “Intel Core i7-2600K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 Ghz 8 MB Cache LGA 1155 – BX80623I72600K

Newegg Cost Total

Newegg Total: $509
Amazon Total: $567.95
Total Cost: $1,076.96
I’m still deciding on video card and case/tower, suggestions are welcome. Excited for the speed on this sucker! If anyone would like a computer built like this for cheap, shoot a line to David Germany at davgerm4@gmail.com
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#UTubers Unite in Utah, Led By DevinSuperTramp

Last night some of the greatest YouTube creators, musicians and brand marketers in Utah met in Devin Dyer’s home in Highland to gain visions of collaboration, insights, best practices and some spine-tingling inspiration from Devin Graham of DevinSuperTramp. I Tweeted insights and quotes from the night live at @travis_chambers. The catchy hashtag #UTubers was born and a volunteer has begun compiling the community into a FB page. I will be hyper-linking everything in this post later on, connecting to all the people mentioned in my notes and the afore mentioned community.

Perhaps the most powerful statements of the night centered around the massive growth of YouTube creators in Utah, with CuteGirlsHairstyles claiming that YouTube considers Utah as one of the most influential YouTube communities outside of L.A and London. It appears Utah just became a little more appealing to all of us as we learned and all set our sights a little higher for what we can collectively achieve in this great state. Here are the somewhat un-organized but powerful notes I took on my iPhone and photos from the event.

Utah Utubers

Credit Scott Jarvie, Jarvie Digital Photography

Devin- What Companies are Here?

XO SkinsWeapon Blender, Smug mug


Marco G, production for LindseySterling, insights on iTunes sales

– covers spiked and died
-original songs spiked and stayed up
-mix of both is important

On to Musicians

The Power of Collaborations:
Ronny- Stuntman
Went from 30 to 30k subscribers in two months from Devin’s Assassins Creed vid

Collaborate with feature films like Saints and Soldiers

Freddie with collaborated with Cowboys and Aliens

Introducing Cute girls hair styles
550,000 subscribers
Top 25 Beauty Guru Channel

YouTube advertisers loves middle aged women because they are the ones that buy
YouTube asked to advertise on their videos
Started as a side job, Sean husband retired and works full time doing it
Contracts with Proctor and Gamble and Disney

Never underestimate 13 year old girls- out voted to get on YouTube 5 promoted
About to get six figure contract with a national brand for brand integration

Since Disney brands reach out every day
Top hair video 18 million
Just returned from Hunger Games set

Found a picture online 3 months before Hunger Games release of Katniss’ hairstyle from an obscure website, when the movie came out and the hair style was popular their video was created and ready for the traffic

Get followings on multiple social media platforms
Key to engage people first two days
If you tell them it’s going viral it will

Marketing insights:

Channels to be on:
Instagram is the best to rely on and get the word out for Devin

If you’re not active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, you’re hosed

Partial Utah YouTube community exists- The alliance, new one will be made

Scott and Brendo
Doing music full time
Do music for free for Devin
Release dates are important they get nothing done when there isn’t pressure
Licensing deals for network tv shows
Have a rep in LA already

Constant content is crucial
BTS crucial – huge increase when tell story helps with news

‘Whatever you do on your channel you will get stuck doing that your whole life’

If you try to get out of that niche people will get mad

Test the video with people that were in it. Make it so they will share it.

Ricky Ray Butler

Ricky Ray Butler {Social Plaid} stated that thirdly to the LA-area and London, he believes that Utah has the next highest YouTube talent/potential. {Ricky has worked with hundreds of the top YouTubers with over 3,000 integrations.}
-3,000+ brand integrations
Most are with small channels because sometimes they have more engaged viewers
Content has to be consistent don’t let brand prostitute you.
Works with Ubisoft
Missed bid in just dance 1
Got bid on just dance 2
-3 million fans in 2 years
Trisha Helfner cult geek legend- Battlestar Galactica
Corridordigital Assassins video won all sorts of awards even in traditional media space

Top 10 YouTube videos are starting to make as much as Hollywood celebrities, millions

Ask other channels to like and favorite your videos so it shows up in their feeds

Consulting Virality

Charlie and testaments
Jeremy Hoop
Hooked up Devin with Red Bull
8 employees

Devin started out with orabrush before his channel took off, that’s where he learned, incubated

Insights from OraBrush

Ira Glass Quote
We get into creative work because we have good taste. First two years we suck. Most people quit here. Make deadlines for yourself. Have to through volumes of work to make it.“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.”
― Ira Glass

Unlisted videos- put up multiple versions
Shoot it 5 different ways
Share temporary link  on twitter and ask people what they think
Google hangout
Audience retention graph
-YouTube kills videos that have quick drop offs, so don’t mislead
-Analyze retention and figure out why people are leaving at certain times

Prepare audience for brand integration

Having multiple channels helps a ton

Wheezy Waiter mentioned three times tonight

Teddie Films
Andrew Hales- LAHF

utah youtube community

Held in the beautiful home of Devin Dyer

utah youtube community

Devin Showing Some Insider Channel Analytics











At the end of the workshop, Devin showed a video that he posted on his Facebook last week which had the room pin-drop silent with a lot of awe-struck faces. Quick iPhone video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg3nChdhdTQ

The original video: What if money was no object? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siu6JYqOZ0g&feature=youtu.be

Poverty Was A Gift – What Made America Great

‎”Forward.” How did America become the world super power? Free trade, self-reliance and capitalism. Take those principles away and kiss “forward” goodbye. Associating the banking principles that caused the recession with the basic principles our forefathers employed to make America a global superpower is a slap in the face, a fabrication, a lie, an insult.

My parents cut me off financially in college. I didn’t complain or feel entitled, I welcomed it. It wasn’t their responsibility to pay for my college even though they could afford it. Cutting me off was the single greatest thing they did for me, difficult for them I’m sure, but a great showing of love. I struggled, I scraped, I barely made it, I graduated, applied for 100 jobs, got 10 interviews, 3 offers and accepted one with salary and benefits, I paid off my loans. I give all the credit to my parents who taught me to read, get an education and work hard. That struggle defined who I am, gave me insatiable drive, creativity and understanding of what it takes to make a dollar. Experiencing poverty was a gift.

I can’t help but draw a parallel with our government. There was a month when I desperately needed my parents to pay my rent and they did. I paid them back. There is a place and time for government aid but the belief in long-term dependence that is growing in America is false, unsustainable and if continued, will turn our fate to that of ancient Rome and modern Greece.